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The Christmas Initiative

This past Christmas, 210 youth in Orange Mound received beds, bikes, basketball goals, clothes, food, shoes, tablets, bedding, art supplies, books, video games, and more delivered to their doors by loving Memphians and Superheroes. Since 2020, over 450 youth have had their Christmas wish lists fulfilled through this initiative.

This year, we will do the same. even more, we pray. {Proverbs 18:16}

It is our 2023 Christmas Initiative's goal to fulfill 300 wish lists for youth across Memphis. 

In the News

The Why to Our Why This Christmas

On November 30th 2020, Whitney posted on her personal social media a charge to her family and friends:
"What if we could ensure t we l v e families were stepping into 2021 prepared to take on whatever lies ahead?"

On December 23rd 2020, because of the love and support from the best family and friends, Batman, Ironman, and Spiderman along with a slew of volunteers helped her deliver Christmas dinner and a plethora of gifts to 65 kids within 18 families.

... On November 8, 2021, Whitney felt called to do more, serve more and include more. So again, she posted on her personal social media a charge to her family and friends: "CALLING ALL SUPER HEROES! Want to join me to ensure even more Orange Mound families have what they need to step into 2022?" 

On December 23rd, 2021, 200+ gifters and volunteers including My Town Miracles showed up in Whitney's front yard to deliver wrapped presents to 175 kids in Orange Mound. Businesses stepped in to provide trailers and trucks to transport, family and friends showed up at sunrise to sort presents, strangers shipped packages from other states, restaurants donated groceries to include, retirees wrapped gifts for others, young moms shopped with their kids to share life lessons, high school students dressed as super heroes to give smiles, and everyone that gave and received watched the sun set with a huge smile. 

... On November 28th, 2022, not only did Whitney (re)charge her family and friends to get involved, but My Town Miracles stepped in to push for more of the city to show up big. As this initiative got bigger, Whitney's front yard was switched out for a local church's Fellowship Hall. 

On December 23rd, 2022, the frozen city was no match for the 116 shoppers, 7 superheroes, 45 volunteers, 14 trucks and 2 trailers that delivered all the gifts within 6 hours, even amidst a 45 minute power outage.

210 kids and 85 parents within 71 households in 6 neighborhoods attending 44 schools were impacted. 

This year, we will do the same. even more, we pray. 
{Proverbs 18:16}


Want to join in?

Please fill out the form linked above with your information and we will be in touch!

If you'd like to learn more about how your organization or business can get involved feel free to reach out by email!

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