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More Than A Meal
A Thanksgiving Initiative

My Town Miracles provides the ingredients, the recipes and all of the cookware to 100 households across the Mid-South to ensure more families can come together around their tables for Thanksgiving because they have everything they need to prepare their meal.  

The 2022 More Than A Meal Initiative was in partnership with the Memphis Grizzlies' Season of Giving.

The Why to Our Why This Thanksgiving 

Give a family a turkey and you feed them for a holiday;

gift a family kitchenware and you help them feed their family for a lifetime. 

My Town Miracles believes that Thanksgiving is More Than A Meal. 

... It is the little moments in making a meal in the kitchen with your loved ones. 


Want to join in?

Please fill out the form linked above with your information and we will be in touch!

If you'd like to learn more about how your organization or business can get involved feel free to reach out by email!

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