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 “You never really know how strong you are until strength is all you have.”

The creator will place people in your path precisely where and when you need them- stay vigilant, they may save your life one day. 

I initially came into contact with My Town Miracles by way Freedom Concepts; a wonderful company that specializes in building mobility bicycles for disabled individuals. My son was referred to the company by his school and My Town Miracles was gifting him his very own customized bicycle. During the surprise presentation in September, I had just become aware that I was under notice to vacate my current property, and I had sixty days to find housing all because the owner no longer wanted to accept vouchers. I had done nothing wrong, but had lost my home. I was referred to the lovely Mrs. Whitney Williams after talking to the My Town Miracles founder at the bicycle presentation and the journey continued. While she could have left me at that final point of the bicycle for my son, that was not the case. All heroes don't wear capes. This is absolutely true in this instance. Mrs Whitney literally walked with me the entire journey. Which ended up taking 3 months. Right before Christmas, I was able to move in because of  Mrs. Whitney and My Town Miracles. I am currently picking my life up piece by piece, and it's hard yet not as hard as it could have been without the assistance of this wonderful organization who gave me more than comforting words, and referred me to amazing individuals willing to move mountains for my family. THANK YOU! 

To the ones that prayed and helped in any way I am ever grateful. To My Town Miracles, this was definitely that. The name rings true!

The creator never ceases to amaze me!

“When you are at rock bottom, there is only one way to go!”


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