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The Alexander Family

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Since May 2016 it has been the privilege of My Town Miracles’ generous donors to come alongside Stacy, Carter, and Paisley Alexander. In recent weeks we’ve been able to catch up with the family and hear how well they are doing and how far they have come.  

A little more than two years ago they were confronted with an unimaginable tragedy. Rusty Alexander, Stacy’s husband, died in a car accident leaving Carter and Paisley without their daddy and the family without a financial provider. The sudden loss was devastating on a number of levels. 

In addition, the condition Paisley is living with made the situation even more dire. Suffering from a rare form of dwarfism, and a host of other medical issues, Paisley is constantly at the doctor. This demand on Stacy’s time to care for her beautiful little girl made it difficult to have a job and created a tremendous financial strain. 

When My Town Miracles heard of Paisley’s struggles God moved the hearts of everyone involved to answer Stacy’s prayers and immediately jumped in to relieve the financial tension. For six months My Town Miracles paid the family’s bills, so Stacy could keep a roof over their heads, food on the table, and make sure Paisley made her life sustaining doctors appointments.

Now, on the other side of the storm it’s so fulfilling to see the Alexanders as they have persevered through such a dark season and now stand triumphant.

To hear Stacy describe it when she was interviewed by FOX 13 News in June, she and her two children would not be where they are today without the compassion of so many. 

“When you come from the very bottom of a situation where you can’t see out, and you feel like your world is crumbling in on you and all of a sudden there’s light.”

The light Stacy is referring to is you. Inspired by Christ’s desire for us to take care of the widow and children (Isaiah 1:17), you provided Stacy, Carter, and Paisley with the help they needed. 

“So thankful.” Alexander said. “I couldn’t even express my gratitude to them. All I could say was thank you, but even now those words seem like they just fall short.” 

Carter just started third grade and Paisley is entering kindergarten. Meanwhile, Stacy is engaged to a man who loves her and her children very much. The Alexanders remain very much a part of the My Town Miracles family and we look forward to watching how God blesses and uses them in the future. 


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