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College Visit for 24 Melrose High Students

Focused on their futures 24 Melrose High School juniors used their 2018 spring break to go on the RedZone Ministries College Tour. RedZone organizes the tour twice a year for the students they serve in Orange Mound. RedZone Ministries executive director Howard Eddings says the college visits are a great opportunity for these kids to get a glimpse of future possibilities.

"What we do is provide an opportunity for them to see what college life is like and see what a college campus is like," Eddings explained. "Broaden their worldview on what college may look like for them."

In two vans the group criss-crossed the Volunteer State making stops at University of Tennessee at Martin, Austin Peay State University, Tennessee State University and Middle Tennessee State University. Four universities in two days.

Aaliyah Brown, an inspiring NBA reporter, has her sights set on MTSU in Murfreesboro. "Most people tell me they have a great broadcasting program and that's what I want to major in college," Aaliyah said.

Lashonda Cleaves was most excited about visiting MTSU and Austin Peay. "I'm looking to expand my options in career choice and what path I want to take," Lashonda said.

Eddings best captured the essence of the trip in a prayer before hitting the road to start the tour.

"Lord, we ask that you open up our eyes and cause us to see things that we sometimes only dream about and this may be one way that these dreams come true," Eddings prayed.

My Town Miracles echoes Edding's prayer. It's a blessing for us and our generous donors to come alongside these ambitious students and cover the cost of this tour and helping them achieve their dreams.

"We are grateful for your investment into this part of our work," Eddings said. "You guys have come alongside of us for a couple of years and given us another arrow in our quiver to be able to share with the kids, to be able to expose kids to give them opportunities to have a little fun."

If you would like to know more about the RedZone Ministries College Tour or any of our other miracles we have been involved with please email My Town Miracles executive director Brandon Artiles at


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